Wendy Perry has coached more than 1500 clients to start and scale their business over the last 3 years.  Some of them started a business from scratch, others were running a business and needed to scale it up, and many were working hard on a business they are passionate about but were struggling to earn a proper wage (if anything at all) for the hours they worked.  Clients have achieved varying levels of success but even for the ones that have only achieved modest success the impact on their business and personal life has often been amazing.

wendy perry
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To cite some examples, clients have gone from working to support the business to working full time in the business and employing many staff, from feeling like the future was pretty bleak and not leaving the house to having hope and getting out, enjoying networking events and winning more clients.

Working to an action plan these clients have managed to execute on the most important areas to move their businesses close to booming.