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Vanessa Comley



Since 2009 we are a SA family based business, passionate about health and wellness through certified organic nutrition.

We are a Certified Organic retail, wholesale and primary production company.

We home deliver super fresh, certified organic Fruit, Vegetables, Meats, Dairy and Grocery lines to Adelaide and South Australia.

Jess James

Cook n Create
(Cooking adventures for kids)

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Hi, my name is Jess. I am a qualified and vastly experienced Food and Nutrition/Home Economics teacher. I grew up submerged in the food industry and I have a first class Honors Degree (BSc) in 'Food, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences'. I am from Wales, U.K and ADORE Adelaide, which is now home!

Cook n Create has been born from my love and passion for food and cooking combined with my enthusiasm for teaching and empowering children. I LOVE working with children, nurturing their confidence and helping them ignite sparks of passion. Getting children back to basics, getting creative, having fun and laughing until our tummies hurt and our cheeks ache is what Cook n Create is all about!