Bootstrap to Boom TV

Starting a business is always tough, watch entrepreneurs on their way from bootstrapping to booming.

wendy perry

Following some of the hardest years to run a business, delve into founders personal and professional lives and share their struggles and success.

wendy perry 2

Hybrid reality TV show and documentary with unscripted programming and standalone episodes, real world clients with links to future weeks and some reintroductions of past characters.

Clients are the talent in the Bootstrap to Boom TV series.

Delve into their world, get an insight into their background and celebrate successes, share in the pain as they overcome both personal and business struggles to move the business to the next level.

You will get to see characters in individual coaching sessions, in group workshops, moments caught via video diaries, being interviewed to uncover their background and challenges.

The characters are likeable, the situations are relatable, and the transformation is inspirational.